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How to apply?

You can fill in application form on our online form.
Call the Student First office on 01473 210210
Call into our offices at 90 Grove Lane, Ipswich, IP4 1NY

Tenancy Application

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Tenancy Agreement

For many students signing up to a Tenancy Agreement is the first time that they have signed a legally binding document. Before any student signs an agreement with Student First a trained member will explain the terms as plainly as possible. A copy of the terms of tenancy agreement will be provided to you once you have registered for the accommodation.

Contents Insurance

Through our insurance partners, Endsleigh Insurance, you are able to arrange contents insurance If you would like more information on this option, click here to download.

It is up to the student to decide whether this cover suits them and they can insure with Endsleigh or any other insurance company, if they wish. www.endsleigh.co.uk/student-possessions.html


It is as important to our business as it is to you that all our properties are presented, and kept, in the best condition possible. It is essential that occupiers of properties ensure they look after the property. To help achieve this, we have a maintenance team who are available to provide day to day maintenance and aim to fix problems that occur, promptly and efficiently. Maintenance issues can be reported to us by ringing our office or by e- mail. We also have a 24 hour telephone line for maintenance issues.

24 hr Emergency Helpline

We provide a 24 hr Emergency Helpline. A dripping tap at 3.00am in the morning is not an emergency but any emergency that is potentially harmful to the student and/or the property will be attended too.

Please call 01473 210210 and follow the instructions.

If a student happens to lock themselves out, someone will attend. However in such cases there is a standard £35 call out charge.

Internet and Telephones

We supply wireless or wired Broadband access into every bedroom of certain properties (contact us for more details), the price of which is included in the rent.

Student Support

Here at Student First we aim to help all students in our accommodation to settle into their new home quickly and happily. We have a close and successful relationship with University of Suffolk (UoS) and the various support groups therein. Concerned parents can ring 01473 210210 and speak to us with any issues regarding our accommodation. Alternatively University of Suffolk (UoS) offers student support via the accommodation office on 01473 338333. For support regarding their studies or any other aspect of university life, students are encouraged to contact the relevant department/section at University of Suffolk (UoS).

Terms and conditions


Unless you have already moved into the accommodation, you may cancel your Tenancy Agreement (by giving us written notice of cancellation), at any time during the period ending on the date 14 days after the tenancy agreement has been signed “Initial Cancellation Period”). If you cancel the Tenancy Agreement in those circumstances, we will make no charge other than any application fee (if applicable and will return to you any rent paid, and Security Deposit in full. However, once you move into the accommodation, you lose any right to be released from the Tenancy Agreement, other than in the circumstances set out below.

If, after the Cancellation period, you would like to be released from your Tenancy Agreement and you have found a replacement tenant to take over your tenancy prior to your tenancy Start Date, we will release you from your Tenancy Agreement on payment of a £250 (plus vat) administration charge. Your Security Deposit will then be refunded to you.

If, after the Final Cancellation period, you would like to be released from your Tenancy Agreement but you have not found a replacement tenant to take over your Tenancy Agreement prior to your tenancy Start Date, then, subject to paragraph 4 below, your Security Deposit will be retained (in accordance with and subject to the Tenancy terms and Conditions) and you will remain liable for the full contractual rent, instalment charge (if relevant) and the capped utilities fee (if applicable).

If a replacement tenant is found by you or STUDENT FIRST part way through your tenancy, STUDENT FIRST will release you from your Tenancy Agreement, from the date the new Tenancy Agreement takes effect, upon payment of a £250 (plus vat) administration charge. Your Security Deposit will then be refunded (subject to the Tenancy Terms and Conditions.)

*Please note that STUDENT FIRST will only find a replacement tenant for you once full occupancy has been achieved for the Building, but you are free to find a tenant yourself.

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